Have you ever felt the urge, when staying in a hotel to pause on the way down to breakfast, take a seat in a handily placed armchair, and consider the world?


No?  Neither have I.


This site is dedicated to the bizarre placement of furniture in hotels everywhere.  Peruse, enjoy and feel free to send me your own examples.  I hope that one day someone, somewhere will visit this site from an occasional table/single armchair combo midway between their room and the elevator.


It's a beautiful dream isn't it?

It's a long way to the lobby.  Pull up a solitary seat and demonstrate your devotion to the mid-corridor sit-down by considering some of the fine examples of the excess hotel furniture positioner's art in the Furniture Spotter's Guide...




From time to time I will check into a hotel where I can sit in a seat like this one and add a picture or two.  When I do that you will find the latest pictures here, in Recent Additions...  The clue is in the title really.

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