Sitting down for the solitary traveller

Travel can be a lonely affair, but it needn't be without opportunities for impulsive semi-recumbence...

Stair-related sitting down

Often placed near a flight of stairs these solitary items are like the small huts or bothies that offer primitive shelter to climbers in the Highlands.  Occasionally they are made more homely with the addition of large earthenware pots.

Look at me! I'm Henry the Eighth... with a plug socket and a fire extinguisher!

Public area relaxing isn't solely the preserve of the elderly or people with reduced lung function.  Sometimes you need to let your fellow travellers know that you are a traveller of note.  At these times you need to seek out a more ostentatious perch, and if it allows you to plug in your laptop and give you options in the event of sudden combustion so much the better.

Jesus! I need to think about this...

You're halfway up the stairs and regretting that last mojito in the bar, or you're half-way down and the next flight of seven steps look like the North face of the Eiger, and you want to take stock of your situation.  Either you can pretend that the mid-flight landing is an Edwardian drawing room and you are awaiting delivery of a new oil lamp...

Or you can just look the bastard straight in the stair rods and you can tell it NO!  NOT THIS TIME!  I AM NOT TAKING THE LIFT!


Incidentally this particularly bizarre piece of furniture positioning occured in a hotel where, when I asked the chef to prepare something vegetarian for me I was served a cocktail onion risotto.  That will be a risotto with silverskin onions in it.  About forty of them.  It was like the kind of food you make when you come home pissed from the pub and there is no other food in the house.


Cocktail onion risotto and a chair at the bottom of a flight of stairs.  It was like staying in Salvador Dali's house when he'd been out all night licking toads.

True customer service...

Every now and then you encounter a hotel where they see the solitary chair/table combo as a vital addition to every floor.  The management inhabit a world where every stair ascent or elevator button press is a moment to savour, from a seated position.  With a table to rest a drink on.  That or they have more chairs and tables than they know what to do with...

Phew!  Long walk from the car park.  Best have a sit down.

First Floor.  Sturdier table required.

Yes!  New chair style!  Higher table!  Crappy art print to consider!

You've made it!  Read the newspaper!  Phone reception and ask for a bowl of peanuts to put on the table!  This is how they live in Beverly Hills!