The Sofa

Time away from home is often spent with friends.  When visiting a new city for the first time why not plan your sightseeing itinerary from a handily placed sofa?

I think we can all see the problem here.  In their eagerness to facilitate side-by-side discussion of the local attractions the owners of this Carlisle hotel have barricaded somebody in their room...

At least they'll be able to discuss their plight with their neighbour by rapping on the wall in Morse code.  Thankfully in the event of a fire there is a fire alarm nearby so that they'll be the first to know that they're going to die.

"But the sofa is sooo infra-dig dahhhling..."

There are some people who will want the space of the sofa, but without its dull, suburban image.  These people are catered for in this fine establishment.  On the way to breakfast Emperor Trajan or Isadora Duncan could take a moment to consider whether today is a Coco Pops day or not.

The wonders of Prague

I recently stayed in this Soviet-era hotel in the Czech capital.  Obviously visiting members of the Politburo would hold impromptu meetings on tractor production in these yellow delights, but what to do if the current Five-Year Plan for sofa provision for the proletariat created an unmanageable surplus?  What then?




What's that at the end of the corridor?

Could it be?


"This way comrades!  We have eight seats and a coffee table in a little annex at the corner of every floor.  And you can bring your pipe Vaclav!  They have a fire extinguisher!"