Share your finds with the world

Don't be like a solitary armchair casually left mid-way between the conference room and the fire exit.  When you see an example of random furniture placement take a picture and send it in.  Perhaps send another one of you or a friend making use of a chair that hasn't been sat in since Britain went decimal.  As long as it's not in a lobby or other legitimate waiting area it's fair game.  You might like to check out the Style Guide on the How to Photograph a Chair in a Corridor page or you might just like to lose yourself in the moment and trust to dumb luck.  Eventually everything from the Recent Additions page will make it here.  It's sort of like being famous, without anybody knowing.

...this picture sent in by Richard and Alex from On Screen Productions could be seen as convenient seating in a reception area until you zoom in on the number to the left of the lift (and, yes, I am sad enough to do that...) and you realise that this is actually on the third floor.  The combination of increased seat availability and nasty pot plants, along with the artful 90 degree placement makes it look like the management thought that this would make a suitable waiting area for people who were going to be interviewed by potential employers whilst riding up and down in the elevator.


This is also in a Prague hotel.  There must be something about the Czech capital and an over abundance of multiple occupancy furniture in locations where it will never be used.  I feel further study may be required...

This example too, sent in by my Middle Eastern correspondent could also feasibly be in a reception area, but you have to admire the excessive cushioning and the provision of not one, but two tables that could not be more different unless one of them has gained the use of rudimentary language and has written a book on horse husbandry.  I also like it because of its splendid isolation.  It sits alone, like an upholstered Tristan da Cunha on a sea of ugly carpet that tapers off towards the Vanishing Point.  All the cushions in the world will never tempt the weary traveller to make use of its varied table options.

The same person sent me these too.  Not only do they feature chairs that appear to have been made out of hardened Butterscotch Angel Delight but they also suggest an interesting, if misguided conceit: that if you place a mirror next to such a grouping it will make it look like there is a whole informal gathering going on, rather than a couple of freaks sitting in the corridor when they should be shuttered up in their rooms wondering if anyone ever watches the Bloomberg Channel or uses a trouser press.


I'm particularly taken with the second one.  Imagine yourself walking round the corner, seeing somebody sitting there and trying to pass without making eye-contact with them or breaking into a panicky run.

This final contribution is stretching the point a little, but I like the picture.

And who is to say that owing to some terrible blunder by Procurement and Logistics in the design process that this gentleman isn't taking advantage of a convenient seat between the housekeepers' storeroom and the leisure facilities in a hotel that hasn't yet been built, or even been granted planning permission?